Camino Winds by John Grisham
Camino Winds by John Grisham

Camino Islands Series #2

Camino Winds
John Grisham
  • Category:Crime Fiction
  • Date Read:12 June 2020
  • Pages:292
  • Published:2020
  • 4 stars

This is the second book of the Camino Series by John Grisham. I recently read the first in the series, Camino Island. I really enjoyed it and gave it a good review. I was not aware it was going to be a part of a series, so when this second book came out, I was keen to follow it up.

The book has some of the same characters as the first, being set also on Camino Island.

The novel is based around a devastating hurricane, Leo, that hits the island of Camino. As the residents prepare to evacuate, a few of the locals, including Bruce Cable, the local bookstore owner, decide to remain.

The hurricane does overwhelming damage to homes, infrastructure and businesses, and in addition at least a dozen people die. Bruce and his closest friends are shocked when they learn of the death of a close friend and writer, Nelson. However, they soon begin to gather evidence that suggests that his death was no accident, made clear by several blows to his head.

Bruce and his friends work with Nelson’s sister to look Into who may want him dead, following up on information that a clearly overwhelmed police force may have missed in the light of the massive hurricane damage work load.

Mix this with some ex-FBI detective work and they realise that Nelson’s works of fiction may be more than just stories.

Where will this lead them? Will it raise more questions than giving answers? Will their theories of foul play in this instance be correct? And if so, why?

Again, Grisham has managed to weave a number of plot twists into his novel, which still leave you wondering where it is all leading right to the very end. Grisham has an amazing mind, with his plots always leading to the conclusion that if something like this hasn’t already happened, it could still feasibly happen in real life.

There are a variety of moments throughout the book to keep most readers interested. Among them are murder, mystery, espionage, tension and even some romance.

Camino Winds compares well with the Theodore Boone Series as well as the first in this series. Reading them in sequence fleshes out some of the characters already established. I will be interested to read the next book and where the series of books, however many there are, ends up.

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John Grisham

Leo spun to life in late July in the restless waters of the far Western Atlantic, about two hundred miles west of Cape Verde. He was soon spotted from space, properly named, and classified as a mere tropical depression. Within hours he had been upgraded to a tropical storm.

For a month, strong winds had swept across the Sahara and collided with the moist fronts along the equator, creating swirling masses that moved westward as if searching for land. When Leo began his journey, there were three named storms ahead of him, all in a menacing row that threatened the Caribbean. All three would eventually follow their expected routes and bring heavy rains to the islands but nothing more.

From the beginning, though, it was apparent that Leo would go where no one predicted. He was far more erratic, and deadly. When he finally petered out from exhaustion over the Midwest, he was blamed for five billion in property damages and thirty-five deaths.

First page, Camino Winds
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