About the Reading Project

We started the Reading Project at the beginning of 2017. Bikerbuddy was interested to learn website design and has had a lifelong passion for books, so he encouraged it. We told friends we would be starting a website and invited anyone interested to contribute. Naturally, a stack of people opted in, knowing that none of us knew anything about websites, I suspect, and assuming that we would lose interest in a short time. When we didn't lose interest and started to get a few pages together, we found there was actually only three of us willing to review regularly.

We had read about reading challenges on social media that tried to encourage you to read a wide variety of books in a year. We wanted this to be more encouraging than competitive, so we called it a project, rather than a challenge. While most of our friends haven't written for the site, we still encourage them to look at it and engage in discussions about books, which was the site's original intention.

We all live in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia.

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Main Reviewers



I had the idea to start this website because I wanted to learn a bit about website design. I suggested reviews because I've been an avid reader all my life and I knew that reviewing would give us an endless source of new material to post.

I studied English literature and Communications many years ago, now. I worked as an English teacher for 25 years.

I prefer 'literature' rather than genre fiction, and I enjoy reading non-fiction, too. However, I try to read a variety of books. My reviews tend to be favourable since I choose which books I wish to read and review, unlike a professional reviewer.

My site tag, like Toriaz and WaywardWoman's, is taken from my geocaching name, which I originally adopted because of my love of mountain biking, not because I ride motorcycles. We chose to use our geocaching names because our geocaching friends would recognise us, and we hoped to get a few to review under their names as well. Mostly, that didn't happen.

What is geocaching? Check here.

I once received an email addressed to the "staff of the Reading Project". That amused me, since there is really only three of us and we make no money from this site. It's just a hobby.




I enjoy reading and thought that reviewing for this website would encourage me to read more often. Bikerbuddy and I came up with the idea while we discussed reading challenges we were seeing on social media.

I studied physics and have taught physics at university. I have worked as a scientist, but in my later career I now work for the government.

I like a range of fiction and non-fiction books, and I think this shows in the books I have reviewed for this site so far.

However, my favourite genre is Crime Fiction. I have read most of the Sherlock Holmes stories and Agatha Christie novels. I prefer the cosy detective branch of Crime Fiction most.

My site tag is taken from my geocaching name, which is based upon my real name.

REAL NAME: Victoria



I enjoy reading books that are funny, especially those aimed at women.

I am a retired teacher. I taught Social Sciences in high school, with a focus on Geography and Asian Studies.

These days I enjoy spending time with family and friends.

My site tag is based upon my geocaching name, which I took as a joke. I was ironically called a wayward woman many years ago, and it stuck.


Occasional Reviewers



I'm 18 years old and like reading, although music and video games take up most of my free time.

I'm a first year student at the University of Sydney. I am studying linguistics and film this year.

I plan to write more, but other interests usually take up my time.

My site tag is based upon my geocaching name, which I took from a book I liked when I was a kid. I tried to use the main character's name, Septimus Heap, but that was already taken. However, I no longer do geocaching.




I live in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, and attend high school.

My passion is dancing. I have been attending a dance school since I was little, learning both contemporary and classical dance, including ballet. I have only recently gone en pointe.

I have only written one short review for this website. I might write more sometime in the future.

REAL NAME: Niamh (pronounced Neev (an Irish name))



No one has seen the mysterious Seppy since he posted his one review and then went into hiding from the government.



16 March 2019

We've just posted our second review for an audiobook this evening, Catching Teller Crow by Ambelin and Ezekiel Kwaymullina. Toriaz, whose time is often quite limited, has decided to experiment with the format, since she can listen to it in her car. I tried audiobooks a few years ago when I had a severe eye infection and couldn't read. I have to admit, I didn't enjoy it as much and found I sometimes fell asleep while listening. Nevertheless, I think audiobooks have their place. I found reading George Saunders's Lincoln in the Bardo along with the audiobook to be very helpful, as it brought the many voices of the narrative to life. There are only a few of us reviewing for this site, but audiobooks seem a logical addition, given that over time we want to have a broad selection of texts represented.

14 March 2019

As I wrote would happen in the last blog entry, my time has been heavily devoted to getting a dog yard built in the last week and a half. We hadn't planned on getting a dog quite so soon. I wouldn't normally write about home life here except that the sudden need for a dog yard has meant I have barely read or done anything for this website in the last week and a half. I managed to read another chapter of The Count of Monte Cristo this morning for one of the three ongoing reading projects for this site. I'm now hoping to give Barry Unsworth's Sacred Hunger more attention. I managed to get 100 pages of that read in the last week and a half. I've been enjoying it so far and am looking forward to a more dedicated reading of the book.

5 March 2019

Yesterday was the second anniversary for this site using the current URL. We actually began the site on Neocities on New Year's Day, 2017. However, I wanted to change the URL to reflect what the website was about, but didn't know at the time I could just change it in the settings. So, I created a new website and transfered everything over. It was a long task, even then, since I had used absolute references to link everything. It's been a learning process.

So, we've managed to keep going with the website. But two years later we have another distraction which caused my last review to be three days coming. We got a puppy over the weekend, so all my time has been taken up with her, as well as building her a dog yard for when we're out. As a result, I'll probably get little read or reviewed for the next fortnight. But she's worth it. Her name is Lucy.