The Ladybird Book Of The Zombie Apocalypse

This is an entertaining little book, a perfect gift for anyone who is obsessed with zombies. It has some very funny pages, and a few not quite as funny.

My favourite:

Lara has constructed her own home-made flame-thrower. The flame-thrower has turned the walking corpses into burning walking corpses. Now everything they touch catches fire. “This did not happen the with cricket bat,” thinks Lara.

A big part of the appeal of this book is looking at the illustrations and seeing if you can pick which Ladybird book it might originally have come from. Some seem to be unadapted, and are funny with just the new text. A good example of this is on pages 42-43, where the illustration is of a young boy with a cloth tied over his eyes. Probably a game of hide and seek in the original story. The new text brings Day of the Triffids to mind.

Other illustrations leave you wondering what on earth the original illustrator was thinking, to include it in a kid's book. The one from the flame thrower quote above is a good example - what Ladybird book had an illustration of kids being blown backwards, surrounded by fire? Another I pondered over was that of a hanged man. I must have missed the Ladybird Book of Executions as a child!

Overall, an amusing book for some short term entertainment.

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