Muffin but Murder by Victoria Hamilton
Muffin but Murder by Victoria Hamilton

Merry Muffin Mystery #2

Muffin But Murder
Victoria Hamilton
  • Category:Crime Fiction
  • Date Read:12 May 2017
  • Pages:287
  • Published:2014
  • 4 stars

Book 2 in the Merry Muffin Mystery series, and we're back with Merry at Wynter Castle, the castle she inherited from her Great Uncle Melvyn. Merry is working hard at getting the castle ready for sale and is throwing a party for friends and acquaintances from New York to try to stir up some interest. The party all seemed to go smoothly, until Merry finds a dead body after most of the guests have gone.

Another fun book in this charming cosy style murder series. Merry is getting established in the small town of Autumn Vale and is making friends. Against her will, she's putting down roots, finding out about her family history and increasingly wishing she could somehow keep the castle. But she's realistic enough to know that upkeep will be expensive, and she's rapidly running out of money. The party seemed a good idea, until the body put a bit of downer on things.

It's light hearted froth, but well done light hearted froth. Hamilton can spin a good mystery and make interesting characters. Two books in and I want to keep reading the series to find out what happens. This time I didn't manage to pick the murderer, that came as a surprise.

Highly recommended for cosy mystery fans.

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