Girl In Between
Anna Daniels

I had been looking for something light and funny, so browsing the shelves in the bookshop I spotted this one. The cover looked interesting, with me wondering what the two different silhouettes of locations at the top and bottom related to.

The name also had me in.

Lucy Crighton is in her mid-thirties, contemplating what many do at that age: her life, the universe and everything. She lives in Rockhampton, a lovely, safe town – there are certainly worse places a girl can grow up. But after a failed relationship, which she is still pining over, she moves home with her parents and their dog to try and sort out her life and save some money. She is a freelance writer and tries to free her writer’s block to come up with a novel that will be published. Her parents both have the best intentions of helping, but like most, are worried for their daughter. Her best friend, Rosie, who spends much of her time at their home, is full of suggestions with regards her path in life.

Enter two dashing young men, Oscar and Ben, who they get to know because the guys are helping their mother settle into the house next door to hers.

Both Lucy and Rosie have clear ideas of what they want in life and yet neither seem to be able to actually get it all together. Complications of love lives and family health issues are a part of Lucy’s confusing plan for her future.

Like many, Lucy and Rosie have similar interests and decide to take a leap by travelling to London in the hope of making things clear.

Will that help clear their heads or make life more complicated? And where will life ultimately take them? Will they end up with someone special?

I found this book refreshing: indeed, I could empathise with Lucy’s situation, feeling she was at the crossroads of life on more than one occasion and trying to make decisions as to which way to go. The finale had me laughing out loud.

As this was her first book, I look forward to Anna Daniel’s next novel. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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