Final Girls by Riley Sager
Final Girls by Riley Sager
Final Girls
Riley Sager
  • Category:Thriller Fiction
  • Date Read:20 September 2018
  • Pages:339
  • Published:2017
  • Prize:ITW Thriller Award for Best Hardcover Novel 2018
  • 4.5 stars

I have to say that I am very fond of crime and thriller novels, probably much more so than thriller movies. Last month one of the books I read was Last time I lied, the second book by Riley Sager, who I wrongly assumed at the time to be a female. I was drawn to it on the shelves in the bookshop by nothing more than the cover. After a slow start, taking me a few days to get into it, that book suddenly took off and I must say that at the end I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Having read that one I decided to seek out his only other book so far, Final Girls. What struck me immediately with this one was again, the colour on the cover, and of course the recommendation by Stephen King saying, if you liked Gone Girl, you'll like this. Well, I did enjoy Gone Girl, both the book and the film, so I decided I would definitely give this a go.

With all the thrillers that I have read over the years, I always start a book with the misconception that I'm actually going to be able this time, to work out the plot. This one was no exception.

The story is based around three girls, Quincy, Lisa and Samantha who have all suffered terribly but yet survived at the hands of mass murderers to become the last ones to survive in each case. They are therefore known as the Final Girls. Each of the girls, has coped with their lives afterwards in very different ways. But when one of the girls, Lisa, turns up dead, Quincy finds that the life she thought she was coping with so well, is about to change suddenly and dramatically. Even with her long-term boyfriend and barrister, Jeff, and her long-time confidante, Coop, a police officer who has helped her through the trauma, Quincy is unable to resist the temptation of staying away from Samantha, who turns up unexpectedly, and lures her into a path she certainly hadn't planned to take.

Like Sager’s other book, this one jumps between the present and flashbacks to Pine Cottage, the night Quincy become one of the Final Girls, describing the lead up and the final murderous acts, forcing Quincy to relive memories she had all but blocked out.

Of course, everything you are thinking and the path the book takes could never have been expected.

Again, I thought this book, like Last time I lied was rather slow to get started, but then it picked up quickly and I finished it in a matter of a few days. With so many twists and turns, after its initial slow pace, it keeps you hooked and unable to put it down.

I noticed upon finishing it, that there were reading group questions in the back. This has become a much more common occurrence in recent years and some of the questions raised there certainly give food for thought at the conclusion of the read.

It is the sort of novel I can expect to see made into a movie some time down the track, lending itself well to the big screen, just as Gone Girl has in the past.

If you are a thriller fan, you should certainly enjoy this. If you are keen to try one as your first thriller, this will keep you on the thriller path in the future.

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