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Bridget Jones's Baby
Helen Fielding

After the last book I read, I had a hankering for something light, something funny. Bridget Jones’s Baby is short (only 217 pages) and type set rather large. Now, I have never read any of the other Bridget Jones books, but I must confess to being a bit of a junkie when it comes to the movie series, (having already seen this movie twice) so I knew that the book probably wouldn't disappoint, and it didn't.

If you have seen the movie and are expecting it to follow the same lines, it doesn't. Well, not to the letter, anyway. Parts are very similar, while there are major differences, also. Unlike movies which are sometimes bound by the restraints of contracting certain actors, books are not. So, this one continues with the familiar pair of ex-lovers (that is, the character of Daniel, played by Hugh Grant in the original film, paired with Bridget). Of course, while the pair show familiar traits to those of their pasts, the setting is one of which many women find themselves as time goes on, with the biological clock ticking and, without giving any spoilers, an unexpected baby on the way.

The diary entries, complete with times give you a sense of the turmoil Bridget is going through as time progresses from conception to the birth of her precious new bundle of joy and her topsy-turvy love life in the process.

I found myself laughing at some of the situations, particularly the scene of getting to the hospital, but was surprised to find that none of the actual birth scene was portrayed, when, from experience, it can be so dramatic and yet also quite funny in some cases.

So, who gets the girl and the baby in the end? You'll need to read it to find out.

This is another modern version of Pride and Prejudice, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is light, funny and a page turner. I read it in one sitting on a wet day at home. I think, in the end, it is certainly more of a comedy than a romance, though romance certainly wins out in the end.

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