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3 December 2018

We've had a slow couple of weeks. I have had little time to read my current book, Voss by Patrick White. Toriaz has been stuck trying to write a review for Hidden Figures for nearly a week and a half due to life's demands, and the WaywardWoman has had many social engagements and other things to do, so has not started a new book yet. Hopefully, I will have finished my book either today or tomorrow and Toriaz will find time to complete her latest review by Wednesday. It's good that we're our own bosses on this project.

5 December 2018

I am once again forced to update the website from Toriaz's house today after my internet was cut off at home. We're informed it could take another week to fix, so updates to this website might be few and far between for a while. Adding to the problem is that a techician, while trying to fix a line problem, has not only knocked out our internet, but has sent a spike through the line which destroyed the modem.

Trying to keep optimistic.

7 December 2018

Finally bought a new modem today after our ISP said the internet line was actually working, despite what they said the other day. Hopefully, that will be the end of our dramas.

12 December 2018

Yesterday we had our phone line replaced. The phone line was also faulty, it turns out. So with a new phone line and a new modem, our website should be just about ready for a bit of an overhaul in the new year.

Now we just have to resolve an ongoing dispute with our telecommunications company!

14 December 2018

We seem to have resolved all our internet issues today (finally!) We are getting the promised compensation for damage, and we have replaced everything that went bung. Hopefully, I can now focus more on maintaining the website over Christmas and into the new year.

25 December 2018

It's Christmas day and I thought I'd share a couple items I was given that have some relevance to this website. First, is a T-shirt which seemed to describe my life with uncanny accuracy:

I was also given these two books:

It just so happens that I am currently reading the second of the Jack West Jn series, so receiving The Three Secret Cities by Matthew Reilly was timely. I was also given a rather large book of 100 short stories by writers in translation. I will probably dip into that over a long period, although I will likely not review it.

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