One of the strengths of this modern treatment of the story is that it offers an opportunity to question to social mores and attitudes expressed in the play. This is most evident in North's treatment of attitudes towards women and attitudes to romance. North portrays a modern sensibility and satirises aspects of the play that would be considered sexist or out of date now. Juliet, for instance, has muscles, and like a young man, enjoys developing them. She is given opportunities to question her parents attitudes to romance and marriage in the play, and she even has positive endings by doing so. In fact, my experience seemed to be that the more I chose paths that conformed to the sensibilities expressed in the play, to more likely I was to come to a bad end. More modern, liberal choices often (but not always) ended better.

But it can't all be good: 2

So, what's your overall feeling, bikerbuddy?: 15