One of the reasons I thought to write this review in the manner that the book is written is to give the reader a feel for it. I sometimes found it a little bit disorientating. Until you read non-linear, you don't realise how much you depend upon that experience. It would probably be less problematic on a computer, where hyperlinks replace the cumbersome turning of pages backwards and forwards in a large book. One of the difficulties in reading comes when the reader ignores the central premise of the book: that you are choosing a path through the narrative. Given that this is a big book, and given that some of the early paths end quite abruptly, it is unlikely that many readers would want to stop so soon. This makes it likely that a reader will wish to return to follow alternative paths, but if you haven't marked your previous spot, this can result in a frustrating search.

I felt this raised a questions for me.

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