The Federalist Papers

Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay

Reviewer: bikerbuddy

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I read and reviewed Ron Chernow's biography about Alexander Hamilton after my son introduced me to the musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda. As an Australian, this was a topic that I had very little familiarity with. I decided to read the Federalist Papers which are featured in the closing song, 'Non-stop', of Miranda's first act. Our usual approach on this website is to review books, giving our opinion and recommendations.

However, that approach seemed inappropriate in this case. What I decided to do, instead, was to make notes on each of the papers as I read them, making summaries and offering my own commentaries. For anyone with expertise in this area who might happen upon my notes, you are welcome to correct any misreadings I made. I profess no expertise in this area at all. Rather, I was just trying to engage with an interesting topic.

For readers with a general interest in this topic, these notes may be a good introduction to the content of the Federalist Papers. They may also assist you in your own reading of the original papers. Click the Federalist Papers Index menu in the top left of this page to look for specific topics. Otherwise, the contents list below will give you access to any of the papers.

The Federalist Papers - Contents