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Toriaz's Favourite Books of 2022

As always, I read more books than I reviewed this year, but the two books that stand out happen to have both been books I reviewed this time: Nat Reeve's first book, because it happens to be completely mad, and Janice Hallett's mystery because it was such an original twist on the mystery genre.

bikerbuddy's Favourite Books of 2022

This year one of my favourite books was totally unexpected. Percival Everett's novel, The Trees, which documents a history of racial lynchings in America, was surprisingly funny with an unexpected twist and an amazing ending. I recommend this book to anyone who asks me about good recent books. Other notable reads this year were The Passenger by Cormac McCarthy, and Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon, which was a difficult but strangely compelling book.


Toriaz's Favourite Books of 2021

I actually read more books than I reviewed this year. Unreviewed books include one of my favourites, After Story by Larissa Behrendt, as well as Ben Aaronovitch's The Rivers of London series, and several Agatha Christie novels I read for the Agatha Christie challenge. I could include The Rivers of London series in this list for its fantastic world building and entertaining stories, but here are three favourite books for the year:

bikerbuddy's Favourite Books of 2021

This year I thought I would just list three favourite books rather than break them into categories. In the end, I had difficulty paring it down so I left it at four. These are all books that have stayed in my mind well after I've moved on to other reads:


Toriaz's Favourite Books of 2020

bikerbuddy's Favourite Books of 2020

Waywward Woman's Favourite Books of 2020