Romeo And/Or JulietRyan North


Sure, you like pictures, and who doesn't? One of the paths you can take in the book is to go and explore the very long credit list for illustrations near the end. Normally, you're given options like this when you decide to be boring.

The illustrations are two-toned, red and black, and are somewhat cartoonish, which usually highlights the most ridiculous aspects of the text or choices you've made. Many of the illustrations appear at end points in the story, either when you've come to a terrible (or laughable) end, or you've actually managed to live happily ever, after which happens way more than you'd think. The only thing I would say about the illustrations for the narrative ends, is that they're often not well placed, most falling over the page, and therefore separated from the body of text.

The illustrations work particularly well with the side quests and digressions into other plays, which are more graphic in their representations.

Cool. Tell me about the language, now, too: 6

Tell me about the reading experience: 10