Okay, so you think this kind of book could be a bit of fun. And it is. The author, Ryan North is quite playful. If you turn to the back page, he makes fun of you for trying to see how the book will end when it's a non-linear narrative. If you choose to move from scene 2 to scene 3, despite not having had this offered as a choice, you are chastised for not following instructions about the non-linear format. At other points in the book, you may be made fun of for your lousy choices, because other readers are probably in a way more cool version of the story than you. The story is light, funny and draws the reader in as part of the humour.

Another advantage of this book is that it makes Shakespeare accessable to younger readers more used to interactive texts. In addition to the random nature of the narrative, the book's use of language and illustration is appealing to modern readers.

I like Shakespeare's playful use of language:6

I prefer to look at pictures: 13