Don't Let Go
Harlan Coben

I can’t go past a new John Grisham or Harlan Coben, although because I have read every single book of both authors, I am also having to look for other authors in the genre.

I’m not sure why, but crime thrillers are one of my favourite genres. Something with a good hook and twist has always been ‘my thing’.

I hadn’t even made it to the first chapter of this book and I was hooked. Needless to say, this book was read in the matter of less than two days.

Nap Dumas is a young cop, but not your ‘go by the rules’ kind of cop. He takes certain things into his own hands.

After a fatal incident, Nap is contacted by other police, who are even unsure about why they are doing so.

The apparent suicide of his brother and his girlfriend 15 years ago is brought up again, along with the turmoil of the disappearence of his own girlfriend who went missing at the same time, never to be found.

He goes to his mentor and long-term friend, Augie Styles, a long-term cop who is also invested in this crime. So, Nap, with voices in his head, pursues his own investigation that it appears, many want left alone and closed.

In Coben’s usual way, he has you pawing page after page wondering where it is all going. Are the stories Nap has heard of the past true? Or is there more to the dead teens than meets the eye?

Just when you think you have it figured out, Coben throws in another twist.

This book is another of Coben’s pieces of brilliance, this time inspired by one of his local childhood legends. They never get stale.

I can thoroughly recommend it.

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