The Dickens Project

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Year Title Genre Publication Collaborators
1836 Sketches by Boz Short Essays & Stories
1837 The Pickwick Papers Novel
1838 Oliver Twist Novel
1839 Nicholas Nickleby Novel
1841 The Old Curiosity Shop Novel
1841 Barnaby Rudge Novel
1842 American Notes Non-Fiction; Travel
1843 A Christmas Carol Novella; Christmas Story
1844 Martin Chuzzlewit Novel
1844 The Chimes Christmas story
1845 The Cricket on the Hearth Christmas Story
1846 Pictures from Italy Non-Fiction; Travel
1846 The Battle of Life Christmas Story
1848 Dombey and Son Novel
1848 The Haunted Man Christmas Story
1850 David Copperfield Novel
1851 A Child's History of England Non-Fiction
1853 Bleak House Novel
1854 Hard Times Novel
1853 The Seven Poor Travellers Christmas Story Eliza Lynn, Adelaide Anne Procter and George Augustus Sala
1854 The Holy Tree Inn Christmas Story Wilkie Collins, William Howitt, Adelaide Anne Procter and Harriet Parr
1856 The Wreck of the Golden Mary Christmas Story Percy Fitzgerald, Adelaide Anne Procter, Harriet Parr and James White
1857 The Frozen Deep Play Written by Wilkie Collins, revised by Dickens
1857 The Perils of Certain English Prisoners Novella Wilkie Collins
1857 Little Dorrit Novel
1857 The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices Non-Fiction; Travel Wilkie Collins
1858 A House to Let Christmas Story Wilkie Collins, Elizabeth Gaskell & Adelaide Anne Procter
1859 A Tale of Two Cities Novel
1859 The Haunted House Christmas Story Hesba Stretton, Adelaide Anner Procter, Wilkie Collins, Elizabeth Gaskell
1860 A Message from the Sea Christmas Story Wilkie Collins
1861 Great Expectations Novel
1861 Tom Tiddler's Ground Christmas Story
1861 The Uncommercial Traveller Non-Fiction
1863 Mrs Lirriper's Lodgings Christmas Story
1864 Mrs Lirriper's Legacy Christmas Story
1865 Our Mutual Friend Novel
1866 Mugby Junction Short Stories Charles Collins, Amelia B. Edwards, Andrew Halliday & Hesba Stretton
1867 George Silverman's Explanation Short Story
1867 No Thoroughfare Play Wilkie Collins
1867 No Thoroughfare Novella Wilkie Collins
1870 The Mystery of Edwin Drood Novel
1850 - 1870 Selected Journalism Non-Fiction