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Dawn French

I was given three Dawn French books and had planned to read each in turn of publication date. The first was very funny: the second left me totally flat. So, after another comedy in between, I decided to tackle this one, hoping that it would restore my faith in Dawn French. The short comments on the back of the book gave me a starting point, but I had no idea where this book was leading.

It certainly didn't need 'tackling'. it was an easy read which had me engrossed from the start. Although it had more of an English feel to the family, home and general lifestyle, I could understand the reasoning and viability of making it a family from Manhattan.

The characters are as varied as you can imagine, from the nanny to a young British school teacher who certainly throws the household into change, having a particular impact on every one of the male dominated family members, even down to the eight year old twin boys she is charged to look after. The three generations of males are all very much dominated by the matriarch of the family, who, it soon becomes apparent, is not amused with the effect the nanny is having on everyone's lives which are about to change dramatically, whether she likes it or not. But will she continue to have the influence she has had over the family as she has in the past? And will the nanny ever endear herself to the motherly head of the household, especially after the turn of events over time?

I had no idea where this book was leading. Just when I thought I had a handle on where it was heading, it lead me down a yet another complete series of garden paths. It had me smiling, laughing and blushing while also commiserating with family and the outgoing nanny.

It certainly restored my faith in her story telling. I thoroughly enjoyed this uncharacteristic story, which kept me turning pages and had me lapping up another of Dawn French's books in less than a day.

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